For those of you who have a Scentsy warmer or know what one is: I ordered a Scentsy warmer (I have not received it yet) but I didn't really like any of the scents offered. If you want them to melt at a lower temperature, you can stir in some petroleum jelly — not too much or the cubes won't hold their shape, but candle wax and petroleum jelly are essentially the same thing, believe it or not. Purchase a Wax Warmer The first step in preparing to use your new Goose Creek wax melts is to buy a wax melter. Please note that if you do use a Scentsy warmer and melt any product other than a Scentsy bar in the warmer it can void your warranty. First, bring water in a medium-sized pan to a boil. Can you use Yankee Candle wax tarts in a Scentsy warmer? Shop Scentsy online! This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. So it does melt into a liquid. I am a Yankee Candle girl and was wondering if I could use Yankee's wax tarts in the Scentsy warmer. Scentsy Wax, or Scentsy Bars as we call them, are available in over 100 amazing fragrances. With a little bit of preparation and the proper tools, you’ll be a wax-melting expert in no time. In order to decide which scents you like, you can smell all of the various choices in small jars known as testers. They are available in many different styles, shapes, colours and designs, so whatever your taste, there is likely to be a wax warmer from Scentsy for you. Yes, i think you can. So, it might be possible, but that's the reason it isn't recommended. When you’re aware of just how many wax melts you regularly use, I can help you figure out how to place the right orders at the right time to save the most money. Yankee candle is most famous of its scented candle. Scentsy Warmers come in three different types- Mini, Standard and Element and they either use a 15 watt bulb, 20 watt bulb, 25 watt bulb, 40 watt bulb or no bulb at all. Wrapping It Up Scented wax cubes are the easiest and simplest way to transform your home into a wonderful, magical place to be in. Scentsy warmers are electric warmers that gently warm a hot plate on top of which a dish sits, using very little electricity. I bought my warmer on Amazon and it was really cheap. This means that it’s possible to use essential oils with wax warmers , but it will require you to do just a little extra work than what you would have to do if you were to use … Scentsy is a line of flame-free warmers that melt scented wax safely to release a fragrance throughout your home. Then, take the smaller pot and wrap the inside with tin foil to avoid any ugly hard-to-clean residue. Leftover wax. Oil or Wax Melt Warmer: You will need something to use to warm & melt your wax cubes with once you're done making them. The gentle heat warms the dish just enough to melt the wax. Melt our Scentsy wax bars to perfume your home with the best Scentsy scents and fragrance. You can keep the leftover wax in a sealable container and add small increments of a new cube with it on your next use to prolong its lifespan. You can use your old candles to create your own wax cubes to be used in these devices. Particles released into the air can cause bronchial constriction or asthma attacks. BONUS RANDOM TIP: This might be kinda random, but if you want to, you could totally use these wax melts as lip balm! Scentsy Bars are amazingly potent bars of wonderfully scented wax that are designed to work with your Warmer. The reason is that since Scentsy warms wax and doesn't burn it, the other brands of wax may not melt as well--or even melt at all. Wax melt warmer for your car = GENIUS! Shipping and handling. The wax will melt best if broken into pieces and spread out in the dish. Also, when you use the incorrect wattage you run the risk of wasting your money. Wax melts and warmers have become popular as they’re safer alternative to flame-wick candles. For luxury, high-end melts (including Waxpops), your wax melts can hold up to 20 hours of fragrance. You place the wax in this dish and it melts, releasing its scent. When you light the warmer, the heat will help spread the scent of the wax or liquid around the room. It’s recommendable to use its cubes with the Scentsy warmer, to ensure your wax melts last longer, as previously discussed in this article. Our scented wax cubes are bars melt away in our wickless wax machine, using a light bulb, leaving a beautiful long-lasting aroma in your home. You can melt it down again, add more essential oils, create more melts, and keep them going even further! You’ll need: *small (4 oz) mason jars like these *wax melts (any brand) *screwdriver I got lucky because I already had a small mason jar in my pantry and I found a super cute decorative lid on a crafty Christmas gift I received last year from a co-worker. You may find that the hardened wax in your oil warmer melts again after being rewarmed and mixes with your oil. For a More Saturated Scent, Use 2–3 Wax Melt Bears #4. There are also plug-in oil & wax melt warmers as well and they are the healthiest option from what I have read. These jars are filled with a sample of the wax that is used in the Scentsy warmer. Shop Scentsy candle wax melts and our flameless, wax warmers and electric burners that plug into the wall! We recommend swapping out wax melts whenever you can no longer smell the fragrance when the warmer is 'on'. For those of you who have a Scentsy warmer or know what one is: I ordered a Scentsy warmer (I have not received it yet) but I didn't really like any of the scents offered. Condition is "New". Not only do you risk damaging your wax warmer, but a lot of scented products aren’t designed to be used in this way and can disperse harmful chemicals into the air. Most 1-oz wax melts will warm in an electric warmer with a strong scent throw ranging anywhere from 8–12 hours, depending on the scent type, size of your wax melt, and whether you're burning your wax melt continuously or in intervals. Inhaling paraffin candle fumes (burned or melted candles create fumes) can result in headaches, nausea and can lead to lung disease. To begin using your scented wax melts, cubes, or tarts, you will first need to turn your wax warmer on.If you have an electric warmer, find a safe space to begin your warming process and plug the electric warmer into any … Wax warmers can either be electric, providing enough heat to melt the wax from a light bulb, or they can use tea light candles to melt the wax. The wax, as you are aware of, is simply just a wax. For some cheaper wax melts, this can be as often as every 5-8 hours of burn time. Therefore, your wax warming dish will be left with unscented leftover wax! Without a Wax Warmer. Scentsy warmers are designed to reach approx 126 degrees, which is the optimum temperature for the maximum scent release with our wax formulation. If having a fire hazard in your home is a worry, the electric option is a great choice as you won’t need to utilize an open flame thus minimizing the hazard. If the item is misused or abused, in the spirit of Generosity, we will try to honor the warranty for most issues, but reserve the right to refuse replacement in extreme circumstances. Paraffin comes from PETROLEUM. They are formulated to be burned and not just warmed. The gel tins however, do not melt into a liquid or different state. WoodWick Wax Melts Large 3 oz ~ Use In Scentsy Warmer ~ Select Your Favorites. You will need to clean the warmer after using it and before putting in a new scent. Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground. Turn on Your Warmer. Hands down, a wax warmer is one of the easiest ways to use wax melts. I never had a wax melter until I received a pack of Scentsy wax melts as part of a thank-you gift. How do you make Scentsy wax last longer? We even have a free Scentsy Club subscription that allows you to automate your orders, with added perks including free or reduced shipping (based on order total), Always Get My Bar (even if a scent discontinues) and Scentsy Bricks! Place a … Happy Wax: Happy Wax melts are made out of all-natural soy wax, and they use only essential oils, making this a great option for all people who prefer a more naturally scented product. They stay in their gel form no matter how long you use them. You can make crayons with it, or candles, or wax paper – but you don’t eat it. If you use a higher wattage bulb and it does damage your warmer you have voided the famous Scentsy Lifetime Warranty. All the bars are around $6, which makes each of the one-use cubes less than a dollar each! 1. Type of Warmer Used You have tons of meltable wax cubes for a little bit of work and hardly any money. The fumes. There. But, you should do some research into how safe it is to use anything other than wax melts/tarts in your warmer. Once the wax melt has no more scent, there are simple methods to use return your electric wax warmer to itss original status as a clean Scentsy warmer ready for more wax. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. 2.4 ounces per package and are made from top quality food grade petroleum based wax which is manufactured to melt at very low temperatures. Have you done this? Here are a couple of things that can also affect how long your wax melt scents last: #1. What Size Bulb Does a Scentsy Warmer Use: This is such a common question so I figured I would write a post to help you determine what size bulb your Scentsy Warmer uses. How to Use Wax Melts Using wax melts is almost as easy as using a scented candle. When you’re done with a melt, save it. Too low of a wattage and your wax doesn’t melt. You take these wax melts and break off 1-4 to melt in the dish of an Electric Scentsy Wax Warmer. Scentsy warmers make great table ornaments even when they’re not being used to warm our amazing wax bars. You need to use your nose to determine when there is no more scent. But even if you don’t have a warmer, you can still use these simple methods around the home. Other types of wax may not melt quite as well as Scentsy's wax. Scented with oil to keep your personal spaces fresh and clean. I picked up a wax warmer at Walmart a couple weeks ago on clearance for $5 and tried them out. Scentsy Inc. manufactures warmers for scented wax and liquids. Our Warmers melt the waxes using a lightbulb or low temperature hot plate. Any diffuser or warmer found to be defective or damaged under normal use and care will be replaced with the same, or comparable, product at Scentsy’s discretion. I bought one similar to this one here: Plug-In Fragrance Warmer. Shop Scentsy candle cubes today and … Here is a great tutorial from A Day in My Life with a simple way to turn old candles into wax melt squares. Wax Cube Brand: Description: Scentsy: Each Scentsy Bar has 8 cubes that you can break off the main bar and use individually in any warmer. The wax NEVER gets hot enough to evaporate, due to the low melting point unique to Scentsy. You can use essential oils with wax warmers, but it requires that you mix coconut oil or some other similar substance to get the right consistency. Since wax warmers and oil warmers use a similar technique to warm their contents, it is entirely possible to use a warmer for wax even if it was specially designed for oil. Another big difference is the fragrance intensity and use time. Scentsy wax melts are approx. Then you buy a Scentsy bulb & you … It's melting cup should be fine for all kinds of other melts. Major difference will be the smell, instead of cups. If you don’t have a wax warmer, you can also melt them on the stove with 2 different-sized pans! Each Scentsy Bar is composed of 8 cubes which you can break off the main bar and use individually in any warmer.