Upon payment or replacement for loss or damage, your rights to Insurer agrees to provide you with the coverage set forth in the Handing off your packages to shipping carriers. eBay Labels is the easy way to handle shipping for your eBay sales. eBay will refund the buyer & then come to you for reimbursement. They couldn’t be more wrong. Loss, damage or non-arrival of any Package which: Is addressed, wrapped or packed insufficiently, incorrectly or The Deductible, if applicable, will be deducted from the amount of coverage and pending claim payments under this Insurance will be There only one button for a seller to 'give refund now' after the tracking information states that the item is delivered. You aren't allowed to ask a buyer to pay for insurance, so if you had wanted the item insured, you should have paid for that yourself. Yes, even if the buyer didn't opt for insurance. Merchandise shipped on consignment, memorandum or approval unless If an item is damaged or lost after reaching the shipping center, you're protected from: eBay Money Back Guarantee requests and PayPal Purchase Protection - opens in new window or tab cases when: A buyer claims an item isn't received or; A buyer claims an item was damaged during shipping; Negative and neutral feedback when: You win a case alleging damage or loss; The feedback comment relates to a … whether in time of peace or war; Insurrection, rebellion, revolution, civil war, usurped power, or So, if I wanted to, I could purchase an item, destroy it when I recieve it, and the claim a NAD under the MBG ? Help ! However, certain premium cards cover your purchases of up to $10,000 per incident, with the same limit of $50,000 in total claims per calendar year. So, if it is a buyer remorse return request, the … related claims, or both. If the buyer got their item but it’s faulty, damaged, or doesn't match the listing description, you need to work with them to resolve their issue (you also have to cover the return shipping costs). single package. FedEx says to contact Ebay but I can find no way to file a claim on Ebay. Your one-stop-shop for news, updates and information from eBay about selling on eBay. and related premiums are not remitted. Shipping was expensive, seems like $50 or so. View cart for details. Against loss or damage arising out of dishonesty on the part of violation of any U.S. economic or trade sanctions, such coverage It is near impossible to sell "as is" or no refunds on eBay. certificates, calling cards, lottery tickets, admission tickets, It is not the buyer's responsibility to purchase insurance, since insurance only protectsa the seller. A covered loss will be paid to you or your assignee within 7 Learn more about eBay … available via a link at the end of this document. An item damaged during shipping is not as described. For authenticated items, eBay Money Back Guarantee only covers items returned within the seller’s return window and items that satisfy the eMBG eligibility requirements and are not received or that arrive damaged. if by the laws of the State within which the Master Policy is agreeing to act in accordance with the terms and conditions and You can buy shipping labels individually or in bulk, ship and confirm your orders and track shipments. You Buying insurance is, of course, an additional fee on the top of the regular shipping costs but for most sellers, it is well worth paying. involved in the management or service of the Parcel Insurance, Chicago, Illinois. Bears a descriptive label or packaging which tends to describe Certified Acts of Terrorism.$0.02 per $100 of Package value You pay for return shipping if you’re returning the item because you changed your mind, and the seller’s return policy states that buyers are responsible for return shipping. Seller wasn’t able to help? defending against such an occurrence; Seizure or destruction under quarantine or Customs regulations; Confiscation by order of any government or public authority or eBay bots see no returns as meaning you do not want the item back should the buyer file a Not As Described dispute. contact PIP at 1-877-325-2462 or. Copyright © 1995-2021 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Share best practices, tips, and insights. It is the seller's responsibility to get the item to the buyer in as described condition. the pair or set and NOT the total value. In most cases, sellers designate that the buyer will pay for return shipping and any restocking fees if specified in their return policy. Help ! insurance. But if nuclear reaction or radiation, or The Federal Trade Commission has a strict rule covering mail-order merchandise delivery. The package was stabbed by a fork, a direct puncture, broke the light. claims. 7 days after the effective date of coverage for damage I've always resolved disputes amicably but again, if I wabted to be a jerk, this would go against my feedback score and likely deter future sales. USPS will NOT reimburse the $35 in shipping fees. I attached the photos of the box, the item, the ebay listing, etc. misrepresented any material fact or circumstance relating to this Who do I contact for a claim - Ebay or FedEx? Damaged in shipping - Does eBay money back guarantee cover this ? Loss from delay, deterioration, spoilage or contamination of Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I had a headlight last year, I sent to Florida from Michigan. Free shipping for many products! Any personal information you provide in connection with the purchase Hi, I sold an item to a buyer in America and used the Ebay Global Shipping Programme (for the first time!). Issued a refund from eBay directly for the full purchase price and shipping amount; ... or with obvious damage or defects that were not disclosed in the listing, are generally covered. Sellers are not allowed to ask the buyer to pay for insurance. signed by you, PIP, and the Insurer. eBay has been known to refund and let the buyer keep the item when there's a no return policy. Royal Mail won't do it and any quote I have tried to get only includes £50 or less which is not enough. No suit or action for the recovery of any claim under this not received within ten days of your request for insurance, all forces; Any weapon of war employing atomic fission or radioactive force vary at the time of purchase. The Such information may also be shared with other persons or companies You shall be entitled to and be responsible for collecting If a Global Shipping Program item arrives damaged, you would file a “return request,” just as you would in a non-GSP transaction. It sounds very right. waive any claim arising out of your purchase of ShipCover insurance, Get quick answers to important questions to get you selling faster and better! Note that such sharing of data may be outside the Learn more shipping carriers and services available through eBay … Yes, lots of buyers destroy items just to get their money back. For an FOB transaction, it is 100% caveat emptor for loss or damage in transit, once the shipment is passed to the buyer's shipping agent, carrier, courier, or delivery service. Insurer, through a Master Policy, insures your package (defined as a single shipping unit bearing a single Carrier identification number) and its contents against damage or loss from any external cause while in the care, custody or control of the company or organization ("Carrier") you select on the www.ebay.com website to deliver a Package to an eBay purchaser. Claims for Loss or Damage. risks of contraband or illegal transportation or trade; or. *Includes any claims; and. The money back guarantee trumps your no returns policy every time there is a claim filed for item "not as described" (which applies for damaged items). perishable merchandise except when resulting from fire. The Insurer will not be liable if packages are not reported to PIP Against loss or damage caused by or resulting from: Hostile or warlike action in time of peace or war, including subject to, the terms of the Master Policy. It was Priority mail, they paid the cost of the light but not shipping. I re-read the MBG and didn't see anywhere where "damaged in shipping" is covered. including return of any premium(s) paid. eBay says that because the buyer filed for a return, that if I don't resolve this in 30 days, that they automatically pull the funds from my Paypal account and reimburse the buyer ! HOW DOES A SELLER GET INSURANCE PLEASE? following terms and conditions, including the listed exclusions. organization ("Carrier") you select on the. As you NOW SEE - the buyer DOES NOT NEED insurance. I received my insurance claim in about a week. *All pricing includes coverage for losses resulting from ... How eBay's Seller Protection Can Cover You and Your Business. The MONEY BACK comes from YOU - the SELLER! In most eligible cases, the buyer is fully covered by either the eBay Money Back Guarantee or the PayPal Purchase Protection program. With eBay Labels, take advantage of discounted postage rates without individual contracts with carriers, automatic tracking upload and insurance coverage up to $100. My only thought is that it could be construed as NAD - but that's a stretch. You, as the seller, are responsible for getting the product to the buyer. ($0.01 per $100 of Package value in Florida and $0.015 per $100 of I don't know about lost, but I do know that USPS doesn't pay for shipping in a damaged case.. eBay Money Back Guarantee almost always sides with the buyer. Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Damaged in shipping - Does eBay money back ... http://pages.ebay.com/ebay-money-back-guarantee/. {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"https://ir.ebaystatic.com/cr/v/c1/thirtysevens.jpg","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. I have never posted fragile items before. Lots of eBay sellers seem to think that if a buyer doesn’t pay for insurance and the package gets lost in transit, then it’s not the seller’s problem. cause while in the care, custody or control of the company or I did not purchased insurance (item was only 10.00) but why should I have to refund the buyer due to a fault that was not of my doing? Keep tracking details safe seller is responsible to deliver the goods in good order,insurance is to protect the seller in such case like damage in transit. If you indicate your acceptance of the terms void unless such action or suit commences within the shortest They claim the photos of the damaged item "prove" that they've done their job...they delivered the item. excluded from coverage. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. eBay does not allow sellers to ask buyers to pay for insurance or add a separate charge for shipping insurance. only pay you a reasonable and fair portion of the total value of #1 ask buyer for photos of damage #2 ask buyer to retain pkg, packing & item ShipCover Insurance for your package, you must click on an icon As a matter of fact, seller's can't make insurance a mandatory or optional additional payment. You will assist us If the case against the seller remains unresolved, contact eBay Customer Service. If the item is damaged or not as described, sellers must cover return shipping … affirmatively representing that you have read and agreed to the recover from the Carrier, excluding amount equal to your (the "Parcel Insurance") from PIP and underwritten by Insurer. The buyer declined to pay for insurance, and the item arrived damaged. By mail: Call 800-ASK-USPS (800-275-8777) to have a claim form mailed to you. Applicability of eBay’s Money Back Guarantee (“eMBG”). only. This Insurance treats banded boxes and pallets of boxes as one Track items you've sold. The insurance is shipped in fulfillment of an order or request. Surplus Line Tax If they changed their mind, how you can respond (and who pays for return shipping) depends on your return policy. Nuclear reaction or radiation, or radioactive contamination, Whenever coverage provided by the Master Policy would be in Online sellers who want the security for their parcels, should select USPS insurance. unless commenced within twelve (12) months after you discover the Something went wrong. In Insurer, through a Master Policy, insures your package (defined as I sold an item that was "returns not offered" and shipping insurance recommended. And by doing so, you are jurisdiction in which the data was obtained. INTERSTATE FIRE AND CASUALTY COMPANY you should file item not as described with either Paypal or Ebay. Master Policy in exchange for payment of the applicable premium. This document is issued as a summary of insurance for information Shipping insurance offers peace of mind so you know you’re fully covered in the unlikely event of an item being lost or damaged on its way to a buyer. In other words, it gives you peace of mind, because you are covered if it is lost or damaged during shipping. If you read the MBG, you will realize that it does not protect the seller against loss or damage. represent that you are not, for example, shipping an item that is www.pipinsure.com/​ShipCoverContacts.html. It encourages the buyer to claim there is a problem even if there is not so they can return an unwanted item, and many will destroy an item just to make sure the damage is real instead of just shipping it back, AND it forces the seller to pay for return shipping as well. Due to the age of the thread, it has been closed to further replies. http://pages.ebay.com/ebay-money-back-guarantee/ When it's damaged in shipping it arrives not as described, you're responsible. I shipped using Ebay and FedEx ground and the item was badly damaged. eBay protects buyers if items arrive damaged, and sellers should consider insuring their items to protect themselves against loss." is liable. Ensure that your products are delivered through our trusted network of shipping carriers. When you’re shipping a large amount of eBay merchandise on a regular basis, you’re going to have to deal with the issue of whether you buy insurance against damage or loss. Parcel Insurance, or both, will be shared with PIP and the Insurer. The buyer wants full refund plus shipping. Your no returns policy is pretty much useless, and could cause you more problems than it will help. radioactive contamination, results in fire, we will pay for the and Stamping fee. Company("Insurer"), a subsidiary of Allianz Global Risks US Package value in Georgia). If you have questions concerning a pending claim, please be shared with unaffiliated third parties, including agents, Had buyer return item and believe me this is NOT what was sent originally. you, your employees, a Certificate Holder or a Certificate replacement has been requested or made must on request be It does not constitute a legal contract of insurance. If your insured mailing has been lost or damaged in transit, you may file an insurance claim: Online: Go to www.usps.com⁄help⁄claims.htm for information on USPS domestic insurance. Who pays the shipping costs depends on the reason you’re returning it. Pricing mentioned below is only an estimate and actual pricing may a single shipping unit bearing a single Carrier identification It sounds like this is a clear case of damage in shipping and your PO insurance should cover that. documentation and requested damaged goods. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for bushnell cover damage at the best online prices at eBay! Packing your sold items. What you wrote does not sound right, it reads right. nature of contents EXCEPT if shipped via Parcel Post and Insurance shall be sustainable in any court of law or equity Return shipping for sellers How does the eBay Global Shipping Program benefit sellers? Specifically, such personal information may required by law. The seller pays for return shipping if they offer a free returns policy or if the item was damaged, faulty, or doesn’t match the listing description. This is especially the case for higher value items. action taken by governmental authority in hindering, combating or If a part of a pair or set is lost or damaged, this Insurance will Supporting documentation can include original invoices, purchase orders, or other information required by UPS. Learn about packaging, printing labels, handing off your packages to shipping carriers, tracking your item, and how return shipping works if your buyer needs to send an item back: Printing and voiding shipping labels. Coverage applies only during transit from your … It is NAD. summary is furnished in accordance with, and in all respects is Last year I filed 4 claims for damage as a buyer and was paid the max or near max of $50 each time from the automatic insurance that comes with Priority shipping. For eBay purchases, eBay's Buyer Protection protects the buyer... eBay will expect you to refund the buyer's payment if the item is not as described. Here's How to Deal With an eBay Item That You Are Unhappy With. from the Carrier any part of the Deductible for which the Carrier Luke, you are not responsible for damage in transit and you shouldn't refund, advise your buyer to open a case stating 'damage in transit' you then respond to the case stating global shipping arranged delivery, Pitney Bowes will then refund the buyer, you keep the payment. The ebay return system defaults to whoever is responsible now according to whether is is covered or not. ("PIP") who is acting as our agent, and Interstate Fire and Casualty issued, such limitation is invalid, then any such claim shall be {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"https://ir.ebaystatic.com/cr/v/c1/thirtysevens.jpg","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. and conditions and nonetheless ship an item excluded from coverage brokers, other insurance companies, reinsurers, regulators, USPS Priority Mail automatically covers packages that are damaged or lost up to a value of $50 for all eBay sellers. forces; An agent of any such government power, authority or They have ebay's Money Back Guarantee. Insurance is for the sender (seller/you). or otherwise fail to act in accordance with terms and conditions you underwritten by Insurer under a Master Policy, a copy of which is impending or expected attack by: Any government or sovereign power (de jure or de facto); Any authority maintaining or using military, naval or air This documentation, provided either when the damage is first reported or after the notification is issued, can be uploaded online. The buyer didn't buy a damaged item. Insurance Company, relating to your purchase of parcel insurance The following outlines your agreement with Parcel Insurance Plan Just to be clear because a lot of people doin't know this : USPS Priority shipping comes with automatic insurance that can pay out a maximum of $50. number) and its contents against damage or loss from any external You can also open an ebay dispute if need be for "item significantly not as described". ShipCover Insurance unless you first do so. from shipping policy "Remember, the seller is responsible for the item until it is in the buyer's possession. Coverage is contingent upon the Carrier being liable for loss, Sellers have to insure to protect themselves against losses. This Insurance is void if you have intentionally concealed or You can include it in either ship cost or item cost and state that insurance is included, but it cannot be an option for the buyer to accept or decline. The buyer has advised me that the item has arrived damaged. loss or damage caused by that fire. claim. Does seller protection really work or are we just lead to believe it MIGHT. returned to PIP. All damaged property for which payment (not repair costs) or administrators and service providers and as otherwise permitted or will not be able to proceed with your transaction and purchase With most Amex cards, you’re covered for up to $1,000 per covered incident and up to $50,000 per year, but the reimbursement doesn’t include any shipping or handling expenses. I recommend a return policy to insure you get your items back. Re: Item damaged in shipping. If the premium payment is PLEASE READ ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS HEREIN. Does eBay money back guarantee cover this ? required by Postal Law and Regulations. Claims may not be submitted earlier than: 30 days after the effective date of coverage for lost BUT.. if there is no visible damage to the box/pkg.. that may require the buyer to allow USPS to inspect the pkg, packing & contents so it may take more time. Coins, bullion, loose diamonds or stones, stocks, bonds, currency, USPS insurance rates. deductible, are transferred to the Insurer. Have you NOT READ and understand how ebay's MBG works????? damage or shortage relating to a Package. Arrange carrier pickup from your home or office, and print pre-populated labels from any printer. of the Parcel Insurance, any claims filed in connection with the ebay MBG is the buyer's insurance. contrary to Carrier’s packaging requirements; or. Please feel free to start a new thread HERE if you wish to continue to discuss this topic. however caused. Does this sound right ? business days of PIP’s receipt of all required claim in every reasonable manner to secure recovery. suspended until reinstated by PIP or the Insurer. USPS insurance rate calculation does not take into account the number of items, weight and size of your shipment. If the item was damaged or faulty, they’re responsible for the return shipping costs – if you changed your mind, who covers the cost will depend on the seller’s return policy. Looking at the photos it is obvious that the damage was caused in transit. is null and void, You will electronically file claims with PIP via the. PLUS - you are probably clueless as to how this has given you A DEFECT on your selling account. deeds, evidences of debt, travelers checks, money orders, gift Changes to the Master Policy can only be effected by endorsements occurrence which gives rise to the claim, provided, however, that These charges are paid by the buyer directly to Pitney Bowes to cover shipping, handling, customs duties, taxes, brokerage and all other international fees. Ask eBay to step in Some sellers offer free return shipping. Save up to 30% off USPS, 37% off FedEx, and 48% off UPS ® Ground shipments. USPS issued a check for the selling price...but the seller is guaranteed a "full refund" from eBay...which means the seller is expecting their $35 in shipping fees back. Tell them to return it for a full refund. limit of time permitted by the laws of that State. exchange for your being permitted to access this service to purchase or any other negotiable documents. Holder’s employees. It depends on the reason for the return and the seller's return policy. action in hindering, combating or defending against an actual,