If you’re interested in sexualising Blackpink’s Jennie in a nurse outfit for 15 minutes, then this is the post for you! + NOTE + The first only take orders until 11 / 30 and then the production will begin. Rose Blackpink’s school produced many notable alumnae The school is alma mater to Suzanne Cory, one of Australia’s most distinguished molecular biologists. Check out some examples here! Once the topic garnered attention, representatives from the Korean Health and Medical Workers Union also stepped up to express negative opinions regarding the nurse outfit. BLACKPINK's Jennie popularized the "high teen" fashion, or rich girl looks from films made in the 1990s to early 2000s. More information Fans Discover Pre-Debut Photos Of BLACKPINK Jisoo In School Uniform — … There isn't much on the graduation status of black pink, but ill try go through what fans have gathered so far for each member. Previously, some netizens raised discomfort toward a scene in the "Lovesick Girls" MV where member Jennie appeared as a nurse. They claimed that … allkpop® is a registered trademark of 6Theory Media, LLC. No member wears these glow-up version of uniforms more often than Jennie. She also grabbed all attention in her grey school uniform and long brown hair. .. BLACKPINK’s fans were surprised at the big guests. For some reason, it highlights her youthful beauty and attractiveness even more than usual. Jennie is literally just playing a nurse and a patient that depict absolutely innocent lyrics, was she supposed to wear a real medical attire for their MV? May 23, 2018 - Jisoo was active in the commercial industry before making her debut with BLACKPINK. In addition to Jennie, all BLACKPINK members participated. Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK performs at Sahara Tent during the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 12, 2019 in Indio, California. | BLACKPINK “Lovesick Girls” Regarding the nurse costume that Jennie wore in the music video, the union stated, The cap, tights, short skirt, and high heels are far from the actual nurse uniform, and only follows the typical depiction used for sexual appeal. The girl group's member Jennie was seen wearing a nurse’s costume for the music video. BLACKPINK Jennie wears many great outfits, but a fan favorite is when they wear uniforms. I had a Korean friend in the past that I thought was the sweetest girl ever and I can never It's been so long that the classic nursing uniform has been sexualized, thanks to the porn industry. And, G-Dragon of BIGBANG also joined instalive. Here is a scene from BLACKPINK Jennie’s Insta Live. All four were wearing school uniforms and their skirts looked great! Everyday a new place, new faces and scene. On October 6, YG Entertainment issued an official statement of response after a scene in BLACKPINK's "Lovesick Girls" MV became a heated topic of debate on online communities. 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'Queenka' is an urban word and it refers to the most popular girl in school who … Sorry if what I'm saying makes no sense, I just randomly came up with this take so if it's all over the place, I apologize.-Intro-I'm pretty sure you're all familiar with the Blackpink Jennie nurse outfit situation.Anyways, this post right here is an amazing break down of the whole situation and why it was even a problem in the first place. — … Delivery Start Date : After 12 / 15 ― PRODUCT INFO ― #BLACKPINK School Uniform ID Perhaps what stands out the most is that she’s decked out in many, many accessories from Dior. The controversy started because Blackpink member Jennie is seen in the music video wearing the uniform of a nurse. redvelvet, l... Browse Browse The stylist who exposed Red Velvet's Irene for her rude attitude asks fans to stop harassing her, YG rep confirms both BLACKPINK members Lisa & Rosé will film solo debut MVs next month. let's then criticize sexy policemen portrayals that male idols take on a lot, let's criticize sexy school uniforms for both female and male idols, what is this with the nurse outfit? Source: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Coachella/AFP Did you know that ACG Parnell College was Jennie Blackpink’s school when the reigning East Asian pop culture queen was in New Zealand as a teenager? Blackpink released their song and video for “Lovesick Girls” recently. They claimed that Jennie's outfit "sexualized" the nurse image with a tight-fitting, short dress and red high heels. Her work on the genetics of the immune system and cancer has had a major impact in the fields of immunology and cancer. Oct 29, 2017 - Jisoo was active in the commercial industry before making her debut with BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK Jennie wows dancing ‘ SOLO.’ On October 17, BLACKPINK was the guest star in the variety show ‘Knowing Brothers.‘ During the episode, Jennie performed her solo song “Solo” for the first time after a long time. Living out a suitcase few breaks in between. Now, YG Entertainment addressed the issue as follows: I'm a nurse and I'm not slightest offended by it. School Uniform Girls, Girls Uniforms, School Outfits, Blackpink Jisoo, Jenny Kim, Rapper, School Fashion, Blackpink Fashion, Japanese Girl Blackpink Jisoo Kim Jennie South Korean Girls Korean Girl Groups Girl Day My Girl Blackpink Fashion Fashion Outfits Blackpink Photos Jennie Kim (Korean: 김제니; born January 16, 1996), known mononymously as Jennie, is a South Korean singer and rapper. BLACKPINK wears many great outfits, but a fan favorite is when they wear uniforms. Classic, just like her! The union asked YG Entertainment to take appropriate measures. BLACKPINK had brought out the UK high school uniform inspired fashion and some also thought about the different kind of students they would be if they were back in high school. © 2007 - 2021 6Theory Media, LLC. Aug 28, 2019 - BlackPink at A-Nation Osaka, Japan 2019 • Jennie Kim Body Goals • Jennie Kim Focus There's been very few days I'd BLACKPINK's Lovesick Girls faced major backlash for using a ‘nurse’s outfit’ as a concept. Honestly no one knows for sure unless you went to high school with her and witnessed it yourself or you were a victim of it if she was a bully. 16 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Looked Like Our Hot High School Crush In Uniforms She needs to wear #12 again! Previously, some netizens raised discomfort toward a scene in the "Lovesick Girls" MV where member Jennie appeared as a nurse. Jennie Kim Forever 1,467 Star Member 1,467 1,717 posts Location: Been chasing the dream. the Korean Health and Medical Workers Union also stepped up, Blackswan's 'Goodbye Rania' sold a total of 74 albums according to Hanteo in 2020, Older generation K-pop fans are shocked after seeing this retweet about SHINee from a younger generation, Entertainment insiders say Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin first developed romantic feelings back in 2018, Stefanie Michova's luxurious engagement ring attracts attention after Beenzino's official proposal, All of King of K-pop BTS Jimin’s incredible achievements in the year 2020, The most popular Korean celebrities in China this month, 10 stand-out moments from the world of Korean pop culture in 2020, "Please stop bothering me." Born and raised in South Korea, Kim studied in New Zealand at the age of eight for five years, before returning to South Korea in 2010. Let’s start with some important backstory. 影片在此 有留意開《認識的哥哥》這個節目的觀眾也知道,每位上節目的嘉賓都需要穿著校服,而 BLACKPINK 的校服造型更是充滿了時尚感!Lisa 以黑色短身西裝外套作搭配、Jisoo 在腰間繫上了 Dior 皮帶、Rosé 的短身針織背心和 Jennie 的 Mary Jane 鞋子,每件單品和搭配都突顯出她們獨特的風格 … The Korean Health and Medical Worker’s Union released a statement saying that the portrayal in the music video was contributing to distorting stereotypes about nurses. PETALING JAYA, Oct 7 — Blackpink’s label YG Entertainment has confirmed that it will be removing scenes of Jennie dressed as a nurse in the Lovesick Girls music video after receiving complaints from a South Korean G For some reason, it highlights her youthful beauty and attractiveness even more than usual. Jennie She studied in New Zealand at ACG Parnell College for five years but then moved to Korea in Jisoo ‘s style is more girly and princess-like, befitting of her visuals! Read Blackpink reaction to you in school uniform from the story Blackpink reactions (REQUESTS OPEN) by BLACKPINK192 (BLACKPINK ) with 1,522 reads. For a few seconds, BLACKPINK’s No member wears these glow-up version of uniforms more often than Jennie . This is the fashion of BLACKPINK members when they appear in “Knowing Bros”. Compared to the other girls, Jennie is dressed in full-on prep, with a grey argyle sweater vest, long sleeves and a matching pleated skirt. Medical professionals are now wearing scrub suits.